I am a Realtor in Denver. As a Realtor, it is very difficult to find the right balance in an inspector. Some are alarmists. Some are braggards who like to demonstrate how much they know and not in a way that is helpful to the client. (It's more of a vibe.) Some will overstep the role and the rules of the home inspector. There are so many specific qualities that you DO NOT want in your home inspector. Doug is a very balanced, honest, non-alarmist home inspector. He is easy to work and has a way of putting clients at ease as you walk around together, poking into a stranger's utility closet. Doug is not afraid to give you bad news. Doug will not pander to your agent. Doug will not lie. Doug will not put you at additional risk by omitting things or painting a false picture. Also, he is just a very pleasant human being. I feel fortunate to have him in my Rolodex as one of the top real estate resources that I use every day. (It is important to note that Doug showed up fully prepared to follow every covid-19 protocol at all of the inspections we shared during this time.) In addition, I work in all areas from Conifer to Pueblo to Aurora and Denver. Regardless, Doug responds to all of my service orders with lightning speed. Doug has never failed to meet a deadline or to pick up the phone right away. His reports are concise, well-organized and user-friendly. I trust Doug and I am not afraid to ask him dumb questions on site. He makes it very comfortable to ask lots and lots of questions. I highly recommend this company and this human being.
Sunny Rosario Trujillo
(303) 601-1377 / sunnytrujillo333@gmail.com