While it may sound scary, a home inspection is actually one of the best safeguards put in place for homebuyers. In many cases, home inspections do not reveal any surprises at all. But, when they do, buyers can communicate with the sellers about a potential fix. Any fixes that are made can be checked over in the final walkthrough. It is absolutely crucial to get a home inspection, even if you have a great feeling about the property. The home inspection process can protect you and your wallet from several surprises in the future.​

 ​The best way to find a home inspector that will meet your needs is to ask around. Talk with friends and family to find recommendations. ​​

   Sunrize Home Inspection 


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I'll bring my personable attention, commitment, outstanding work ethic, and broad experience to each client and inspection. 

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

I adhere to a higher standard Code of Ethics. Ongoing training to stay at the top of our industry and provide detailed report to my clients. 

In a competitive market, ensure you're ready to close deals with partnership that will help you stand out!​

Sunrize Home Inspection offers a visual, non-invasive inspection. Each inspection covers approximately 75 areas of the home, consisting of approximately 500 related components of the home​..